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Amelia BrownIt is a collective professional blog about vertigo. The authors, Connor Ellington and Amelia Brown (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), post different medical cases, recommendations, share interesting research results, talk about the things that excite young people who are studying to become a doctor.

Vertigo is a false awareness of a person’s own body position and movement, the “illusion of movement.” Almost every person came across with this condition at least once, but probably did not pay attention to it. Yet, many people do not realize that frequent dizziness is a serious problem as it can be a symptom of some disease. If you take care of your health, you cannot ignore vertigo.

The problem is that people do not have open access to reliable and relevant information about the symptoms, treatment options and possible effects of regular vertigo. Many people do not even suspect the seriousness of the diseases that can make them feel dizzy. It is extremely important to find the root cause of this symptom and treat it deliberately.

Did you know that patients suffering from vertigo often have ear diseases (up to 47% of patients), vegetative-vascular dystonia (58-71%),and  vertebrobasilar insufficiency? More than 70% of patients with vertigo have pathology of the cervical spine. Epidemiological research has revealed that dizziness syndrome is significantly more common in women (60%) than in men (30%).

I created this website to ensure that everyone can find the right information about the possible causes of vertigo and correlation between tinnitus and dizziness. Understanding the dangers of such condition should encourage blog readers to visit their doctor.