Ehrhoff Relapses: Scratched off the team yet again!

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After a month long medical and fitness leave, when Ehrhoff returned it was understood that things had finally changed for the better for him. But unfortunately, the Penguins defenseman had a relapse of his vertigo-like symptoms. Ehrhoff has already missed the last 13 out of 14 games becaue of the symptoms that plagued him, now, it seems like these stats will go even higher!

Ehrhoff Relapses

When asked about this incident Ehrhoff said, that this was a temporary bump and that we should not take much notice of it. He said that he felt amazing when he played on Wednesday and Thursday, but now he is suffering from minor symptoms again. He also explained that it was the doctor’s decision to bench him for a few more games, they are just being extremely cautious and cannot put him under any kind of uncertain conditions.

According to Ehrhoff, “Just again, take it day by day and see how it goes.”

Previously, he has missed 12 games in a row! A surprising and astonishingly high number of games for a star player like him. But on 25th February, he came back in full throttle for a match in Washington. Fortunately the team won by one point and Ehrhoff’s personal statistics were extraordinary too. He had played for eighteen minutes and thirty four seconds on the ice, and it was indeed remarkable. But keeping in mind his month long leave, he was then removed from the line-up in the match against Columbus on Sunday, where his team won against Columbus.

After the game, Mike Johnson, the coach made an announcement regarding Ehrhoff’s health. He said that Ehrhoff was not suffering from any of the symptoms. He clarified that he was deliberately removed from the game as it was a normal protocol for players that were returning from potential concussions. He further added that at this point in time, it is very important that they monitored Christian very closely, since he had been out of the game for so long he requires constant monitoring.

“Anybody that comes back from concussion, the doctors monitor him really close,” Johnston claimed on Tuesday right after practice. “And so I anticipate if [it] were anything that the doctors were concerned about, that they were going to tell us right away. But I think with Christian, monitoring him is the main thing. When guys are out that long and they come back from a concussion, you just have to monitor them.”

The general manager of the team, Jim Rutheford, was not bothered about the trade deadline. He said quite frankly, that he was really comfortable with where Christian is right now.

Ehrhoff was knocked in the head on January 28th by Alex Ovenchkin in a game against the Capitals. His head struck the ice in the match at Washington, where the team also had to endure a loss of 4-3.

Ehrhoff was all set to travel with his team on Tuesday for the match against Colorado, due in Denver.

For all of those, who are criticizing the team management for being too lenient on him, it needs to be said that Ehrhoff is suffering from vertigo and these precautionary measures will help him get back to his former glory fast.

Vertigo refers to feeling incredibly dizzy and usually results in the person feeling unbalanced. Vertigo manifests two different types of feeling in people, either they will feel like they are spinning out of control of they will feel like the entire environment around them is spinning insanely.

Such a medical action will deeply hamper a player’s performance. Since vertigo is unpredictable in nature and can occur at any time without an inkling of a warning, it puts the players in a very difficult position. Players suffering from vertigo usually find it hard to trust themselves on the field. This is why it takes time for them to recover and be removed from the injured list.

Ehrhoff is an extraordinary player and is currently on a one-year contract that is worth $4 million. For the year 2014-2015, even with all of the games that he has missed, he has a total of three goals and 10 amazing assists in a total of 43 contests. While his game cannot be called exceptional at the moment, there is no doubt about the fact that the legendary player will return to light soon, once he feels better. Even with such performances it is worthwhile to note that the Penguins rely heavily on him. He Has been given twenty two minutes and fifteen seconds per contest, on average and why wouldn’t he? His move to NFL has brought him to the frontlines. He was able to win the Babe Pratt Trophies two times, for being an incredible defenceman. It was quite well known, that it was his spectacular performances that helped his team reach the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. In the finals, unfortunately his team lost to the Boston Bruins.

But this is most definitely not all, Ehrhoff has also played as a part of the German National team in a number of tournaments, some of the most notable ones are, three winter Olympics, four World Championships and a single World Cup.

Thus he is an experienced and seasoned player, the type of player who is always expected to give an outstanding performance, no matter what the cost. This is exactly why the Penguins are having a really hard time seeing him on the benches and not in the field.

Other Penguins in the spotlight at the moment

The other defenseman, Rob Scuderi, could not make it to practice due to some illness. He had to travel with his team but could not do so. “He had some sickness,” the coach claimed. “I think his family was sick, but he’s going to meet us at the plane. So we’re just being careful with him.”

Out of the entire squad, there are only two people who have played in all of the 62 games till date.