Rules of home improvement for patients with dizziness

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home remedies for dizziness

The consequences of dizziness, such as falling and injury, can be very dangerous. Patients suffering from chronic forms of dizziness are recommended to secure their home and work place according to the following principles:

  • Make sure that the floors in the house are evenly covered with soft carpets without folds and bends which could make the person stumble;
  • Renovate the bathroom: cover the floor of bathroom with special non-slip rubber pads and place the shelf for bathroom accessories in a place where you can reach it easily without getting up;
  • Install handrails and put a chair for taking a shower in a shower enclosure;
  • If the house has stairs – equip them with handrails on both sides. Make sure you always hold the handrail while climbing the stairs, even if you are not dizzy at the time;
  • Put a night lamp on the bedside table near the bed which you can light without getting up;
  • If possible, put a phone near the bed which you can also reach without getting up;
  • If you need to get out of bed – take your time, get up carefully. Once you get up, sit on the edge of the bed for 1-2 minutes and only then get up off it completely;
  • Try to avoid activities which require keeping balance and accurately controlling the position of the body in space (cycling, active sports games).